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Amphenol is a global provider of interconnect solutions to designers and manufacturers of internet enabling systems. Amphenol's range of offerings in electrical and optical cable, cable assembly, connector products and backplane interconnect systems span applications in PC's, servers, storage systems, optical and copper networking equipment, modems, hubs, routers, switches, media display systems, and internet appliances. With our design creativity and cost effectiveness, Amphenol leads the way in interconnect development for internet equipment, infrastructure, enterprise networks and appliances. Whether industry standard or application-specific designs are required, Amphenol provides customers with products that enable performance at the leading edge of next generation high-speed technology.

The new mobile internet revolution is creating once unimaginable challenges for operators and equipment makers of the underlying data and telecommunications networks. Amphenol is helping to drive the solution to these problems, with our industry-leading high-speed / high-bandwidth interconnect products. Our 25 Gb/s XCede connector family was the first backplane connector to enable these new levels of speed, and our engineers are developing new solutions every day to further enable this data revolution.

Amphenol Business Units:
Business Unit Product Highlights Contact Info
Amphenol TCS AirMax VS, Aptera, Aptera Stacker, Backplane Systems, Crossbow, eHSD, GbX, GbX E-Series, GbX L-Series, GbX Right Angle Male, HD-Optyx, HDM / HDM Plus, HDM Stacker, NeXLev, System Integration, Ventura, VHDM, VHDM H-Series, VHDM L-Series, VHDM Right Angle Male, VHDM Stacker, VHDM-HSD, XCede, XCede Stacker, GbX U-Series, XCede Right Angle Male 200 Innovative Way, Suite 201
Nashua, NH 03062
United States
Phone: (603) 879-3000
Amphenol AssembleTech (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. Mini SAS, E-SATA, Mini-SAS, SAS (4X), SATA Cables 39B Qianpu Ind. Estate
Xiamen, Fujian, 361009
Phone: 86 592 593 6666
Amphenol Cables on Demand Mini SAS, RJ11/45, SFP / SFP+ Optical Modules, SFP w/Limiting Amps, SCSI, USB, Mini-SAS, SAS (4X), SATA Cables, LC Cable Assemblies, SC Cable Assemblies, CX4 / CX4 Active, D-Sub, InfiniBand (4X & 12x), QSFP Cable Assemblies, SFP / SFP+ Cable Assemblies 20 Valley Street
Endicott, NY 13760
United States
Phone: (607) 321-2115
Amphenol Canada Corporation Capacitively Decoupled BNC, Filtered Connectors (Filter D-Subs), Filtered Connectors (Micro Ribbon), Harsh Environment D-Sub: MDB Series, Harsh Environment RJ45: MRJ Series, Harsh Environment USB: MUSB Series, INFINITY (4X/12X) series, Mini-SAS external cages and connectors, QSFP cages and connectors, SFP connector and cages, USB with Positive Locking: LUSB Series, XFP Cages and connectors 605 Milner Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M1B 5X6
Phone: (416) 291-4401
Amphenol Commercial Products - North America Backplane Power, BTB, Filtered Connectors, FPC, Memory Card Sockets, Micro-Ribbon (esp 957), Mini SAS, RJ11/45, RJ11/45, E-SATA, SCSI, USB, Mini-SAS, SAS (4X), SATA Cables, D-Sub, InfiniBand (4X & 12x), SFP / SFP+ Cable Assemblies 11001 West 120th Ave., Suite 458
Bloomfield, CO 80021
United States

Amphenol Connex Corporation BNC 5069 Maureen Lane
Moorpark, CA 93021
United States
Phone: (805) 378-6464
Amphenol ConneXus AB InfiniBand (4X & 12x), QSFP Cable Assemblies, DensiShield, SFP / SFP+ Cable Assemblies, Custom Design Cable Assemblies Norrbackagatan 47, S-113 31
Phone: 46 8 54 5470 70
Amphenol ConneXus AEOU InfiniBand (4X & 12x), QSFP Cable Assemblies, DensiShield, SFP / SFP+ Cable Assemblies, Custom Design Cable Assemblies Laanemere tee 72A
Tallinn, 139 14,
Phone: 372 654 8419
Amphenol East Asia Elect. Tech. Shenzhen Co., Ltd. Micro-Ribbon (esp 957), DisplayPort Connectors, E-SATA Receptacle, Headers and Sockets, MDR, Micro SATA, SAS Connectors, SATA Connectors, SCA2 (Single Connector Attachment), Slim SATA, D-Sub Block A3/A4, The 4th Ind. Dist. Of Ind. Headquarters
Dong Keng Road, Gong Ming Town
, Shenzhen 518132
Phone: 86 755 2714 7945
Amphenol East Asia Limited-Taiwan Memory Card Sockets, RJ11/45, E-SATA, SCSI, USB, Mini-SAS, SAS (4X), SATA Cables 5F, No 361, Fusing 1st Rd
Gueishan Township, Taoyuan County 333
Phone: 886 3 2647 200
Amphenol Fiber Optic Products Home Run Cable Assemblies, LC Cable Assemblies, SC Cable Assemblies, Fiber Optic Outdoor Cable Assembly 1925A Ohio Street
Lisle, IL 60532
United States
Phone: (630) 960-1010
Amphenol InterCon System C-Byte Compression Connector, cLGA Socket Connector, cStack, VHDM Cable Assemblies, XCede Cable Assemblies 2800 Commerce Drive
Harrisburg, PA 17110
United States
Phone: (717) 540-5660
Amphenol Interconnect Products Corporation SFP / SFP+ Optical Modules, SFP w/Limiting Amps, CX4 / CX4 Active, Fiber Optic Outdoor Cable Assembly, InfiniBand (4X & 12x), QSFP Cable Assemblies, SFP / SFP+ Cable Assemblies 20 Valley Street
Endicott, NY 13760
United States
Phone: (607) 754-4444
Amphenol LTW Technology Co., Ltd. Waterproof Circular, Waterproof RJ, Waterproof Sensor, Waterproof D-Sub, Waterproof USB, Waterproof Circular II, Waterproof DVI, Waterproof Mini Din, Waterproof HDMI, Waterproof Low Profile, Waterproof Cable Jointer, Waterproof LED, Waterproof Vent, Waterproof IEE1394, Waterproof Power, Waterproof Fiber Optic 9F,No. 657-12, Jungjeng Road
Shinjuang City, Taipei County, 242
Amphenol Printed Circuits, Inc. Backplanes & Daughter Cards 91 Northeastern Boulevard
Nashua, NH 03063
United States
Phone: (603) 324-4500
Amphenol RF Mini-BNC, BNC 4 Old Newtown Road
Danbury, CT 06810
United States
Phone: (203) 743-9272
Amphenol RF Asia Mini-BNC, BNC BLk DM 2 Tong Wei Ind dist.
Industry Headquarters
Gong Ming Town, Shenzhen, Bao An District 518132
Phone: 86 755 2717 7843
Amphenol TAT Technologies Battery Harness, Signal/Power Cable, Surge Supressor Cable 5975 Andover Street
Mount Royal,, Quebec H4T 1HB,
Phone: (514) 737-4477
Amphenol Tuchel Electronic GmbH Smart Card Reader August-Haeusser-Strasse 10
Heilbronn, 74080
Phone: 49 7131 929 0
Amphenol Tuchel Electronics - China Smart Card Reader 20 Tianshan Road-Changzhou
Changzhou, Jiangsu, 213022
Phone: 86 519 511 0301
Spectra Strip EXD Skewclear Cable, Twist 'n Flat 720 Sherman Avenue
Hamden, CT 06514
United States
Phone: (203) 281-3200

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