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Amphenol provides a broad range of components with presence on more than 50% of the world's annual mobile phone production. Amphenol manufactures essentially all of the interconnect devices found in mobile phones, PDAs and other mobile devices. The broad product offering includes antennas, RF switches/plugs, navigation keys/side keys, microphone/speaker/vibra connectors, LCD connectors, board to board connectors, SIM/MMC/SD sockets, battery connectors, I/O system connectors, charger (plug and socket) connectors and hinges. Our capability for high volume production of these technically demanding, miniaturized products, combined with our speed of new product introduction, is a critical factor for our success in this market.

Although you may not see them when you pick up your smart phone, touch screen tablet or e-book reader, Amphenol products are more than likely inside. Our wide range of miniaturized interconnects, cables, flex circuits, hinges, and antennas has enabled the proliferation of wireless devices, helping give people access to information virtually everywhere in the world. Customers have selected our products on more than 50% of the world’s mobile devices.

Amphenol Business Units:
Business Unit Product Highlights Contact Info
Amphenol Mobile Consumer Products Group Barrel (Cam) Hinges, Contact Pads (Press-on Contacts), I/O Connectors, IMD/IML Covers & Sheet Lenses, Micro Coax Harness, Mini & Micro USB, Mobile Computing Antenna, Mobile Phone Blue Tooth Antenna, Mobile Phone Internal Antenna, Rotating (Swivel) Hinges, SIM Card Connectors, Sliding Hinges, Spring Clips, Spring Loaded 'Pogo' Pin Connectors 26/F, Railway Plaza
39 Chatham Road South
TST, Kowloon,
Hong Kong
Phone: 852 2699 2663
Amphenol Connex Corporation Mini-UHF 5069 Maureen Lane
Moorpark, CA 93021
United States
Phone: (805) 378-6464
Amphenol East Asia Limited-Taiwan Memory Card Connector 5F, No 361, Fusing 1st Rd
Gueishan Township, Taoyuan County 333
Phone: 886 3 2647 200
Amphenol InterCon System cLGA Socket Connector, cStack 2800 Commerce Drive
Harrisburg, PA 17110
United States
Phone: (717) 540-5660
Amphenol LTW Technology Co., Ltd. Waterproof Circular, Waterproof RJ, Waterproof Sensor, Waterproof D-Sub, Waterproof USB, Waterproof Circular II, Waterproof DVI, Waterproof Mini Din, Waterproof HDMI, Waterproof Low Profile, Waterproof Cable Jointer, Waterproof Vent, Waterproof IEE1394, Waterproof Power 9F,No. 657-12, Jungjeng Road
Shinjuang City, Taipei County, 242
Amphenol RF AMC, Mini-UHF 4 Old Newtown Road
Danbury, CT 06810
United States
Phone: (203) 743-9272
Amphenol RF Asia AMC, Mini-UHF BLk DM 2 Tong Wei Ind dist.
Industry Headquarters
Gong Ming Town, Shenzhen, Bao An District 518132
Phone: 86 755 2717 7843
Amphenol Tuchel Electronic GmbH Internal PCB Connectors, Sim Card Connectors August-Haeusser-Strasse 10
Heilbronn, 74080
Phone: 49 7131 929 0
Amphenol Tuchel Electronics - China Internal PCB Connectors, Sim Card Connectors 20 Tianshan Road-Changzhou
Changzhou, Jiangsu, 213022
Phone: 86 519 511 0301

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